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Were you there in 2006


Here is a list of all who attended in alphabetical order by first name.

If you didn't attend in 2006 but came before,  your attendance on previous weekends will be checked

Sadly, some have left us but they are still in our thoughts so I have left them on the list

I've also left those who cannot come again because the weekend just didn't suit them!



Amy Elvin

Adeline Shillingford

Adenike Adeyemi

Adline Farquharson

Angela Lynch

Angela Phillips

Angela Spence

Angie Morris

Arleen Fernandes

Arlene Duffus

Audrey Morris

Audrey Silvera

Aver Fernandes

Barbara Gause

Berbeth Lewis

Beverleigh Forbes

Beverley Bobb

Beverley Boyce

Beverley Myers

Beverley Tucker

Brenda Murrell

Carol Graham

Carol Layne

Carolyn Roberts-Griffith

Caron Weekes

Cecilia Tannis

Celeen Grey

Celia Grazette

Charlene Fraser

Chineme Nwoke

Christine Hippolyte

Christine Pierre

Claris Williams

Claudine Lashley

Coline Powell

Corinthia Richards

Cornelia Boaitey

Curlene Spencer

Cynthia Prescod

Daphne Lucien

Deborah Lewin

Deborah Williams

Deeana Belle-Woods

Denise Gayle

Denise Gordon

Denise Phillips

Desma Holder

Diane Wilkinson

Donna Sobers

Doreen Lecky

Edith Harris

Elaine Swaby

Eldrina Joseph

Eulyn Joseph

Farida Aslam

Fay Cascoe

Fiona McLeish

Francina Reid

Grace Sobers

Greta Duffus

Hazel Marshall

Hethline Beckles

Hillary Newby

Hyacinth Edwards

Ianthe Findlay

Irene Daniel

Irene Holmes

Ita Marshall

Janet Harris

Janet Tisson

Janice Phillips-Sterling

Janice Roach

Jean Prime

Jennifer Fowler

Jennifer Lucien

Jenny Brown

Jessie Owen

Jill Lawrence

Joan Ellis

Johanna Burke-Richards

Jordan Toby

Josephine Nedd

Joslyn Greaves

Judith Louis

Juliet Lawrence

Juliet Mullings

Kathleen Allen

Kathleen Cumberbatch

Kelly Daniels

Laurna Garvey

Lavinia Owen

Lecretia Blackwood

Letitia Stephens

Lilieth Gordon

Lisa Rowe

Lizette Rowe

Loreen Williams

Lorna Ramsey

Lorraine Eastmond

Louise Spence

Lucille Cumberbatch

Madge Louis-Charles

Mae McLeod

Maizie Dixon

Marcia Blake

Marcia Campbell

Marcia Cleveland

Marcia McLeish

Marcia Powlett

Margaret John

Maria Noel

Marion Morgan

Marjorie Campbell

Marlene Miller

Marlyn Boyce

Maureen Martin

Maureen McCaskie

Maureen Richards

Mavis Georges

Melissa Browne

Mercia Reeves

Merlyn Morgan

Michele Rugarabamu

Michelle Joseph

Michelle Mathieson

Mirembe Campbell

Mona Barry

Monica Lecky

Morella Forde

Myrna Hall

Natasha Burrowes

Norma McQueen

Orofena Flander

Pamela Page

Pat Stewart

Patricia Scotland

Paulette Lester

Paulette Ranger

Pauline Jones

Pauline Kirnon

Pauline Williams

Phillieshar Griffith

Phyliss McCoughlen

Phyllis Reid

Priscilla Peters

Prudence Fowler

Rachel Forbes

Rema Burrowes

Rema Fraser

Rhona Xavier

Rita Pascall

Rita Sinclair

Rosian Elie-Vidal

Ruth Orr

Samdai Indarsingh

Sandra Barrow

Sandra Gaskin

Sandra Griffiths

Sandra Henry

Sandra Louis

Sarah Aggrey-Ogoe

Sharon Brown

Sharon Louis-Bines

Shaulean Clarke

Sheilah Hippolyte

Shereen Lee

Simmon Pascal

Sonia Lindsay

Sophie Fearon-Robinson

Sophie Feurtado

Stella Harris

Stephanie Joseph

Suzanne Shabazz

Tania George

Tracey Brissett

Tracey Purkiss

Tracy Chen

Val Joseph

Valerie McCallum

Valorie Fearon

Veralynn Morrison

Veronica Cameron

Veronica Lewis

Veronica Page

Vivienne George

Winifred Williams

Yvette Meikle

Yvonne Cameron

Zenith Jones






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